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Termidor SC -
The Best Termite Control Product You Can Choose For Your Home



1. America's #1 termite defense product for homeowners.

2. Advanced undetectable liquid technology against termites.

3. "Transfer Effect" maximizes results and the protection
of your home.

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Termidor Termite Treatment

Tested and real world proven, Termidor is the #1 defense product in America against termites. Protecting over 3 million homes since its introduction, Termidor is taking American households by storm.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Termidor SC

  • 100% Control within Just 3 Months after Treatment
  • Residual Lasting Up to 10 Years after Treatment
  • Undetectable Odorless Chemical Composition
  • “Transfer Effect”
  • Also Serves as an Insecticide for Ant Pests

Termidor SC

Termidor SC is the recommended outdoor treatment for termites. Termidor SC is undetectable to drywood and subterranean termites due to its nonrepellent, odorless chemical makeup. Termites will not be able to the see, smell, taste or avoid when applied. As soon as a termite ingests or even touches Termidor SC treated material, it will then be infected. The infected termites will not be aware of their infection and go about their usual routines. Moreover, Termidor does not stop there. With its “transfer effect,” infected termites will then become a carrier and transfer Termidor to other termites that come in direct contact with them, creating a domino effect. Due to its slow-acting infiltration, the spread of Termidor will be passed on throughout the whole colony in stealth. An application of Termidor leads to an inevitable extermination of termites at the same time protecting your home from severe termite wood damage. Termidor promises control of 100% of your termite infestation within just 3 months after treatment.

Termidor SC has proven itself to be the most efficient termiticide in terms of effectiveness and speed. In addition, Termidor is proving to be equally effective in terms of future prevention. Once applied, Termidor will act as a residual termite treatment lasting up to 10 years after just one application. Companies who provide Termidor easily provide 10 year warranties without any hesitation. Termidor SC also serves as a control insecticide for ant pests. No other termite control product or method can match the standard of what Termidor brings to the table.